When one can rent a 1500 square foot apartment in Hong Kong for a “mere” HK$17,000 a month, you just know that something must be wrong with it.

But we took our chances and saw this as a “bargain” and a “stroke of luck” and moved in after haggling with one of the pettiest and cheapest landlords in Hong Kong.

He was hell to deal with. And Hong Kong has millions of them and all can go to hell.

Sure, the toilet was a massive mess and the apartment was in the basement of an old dilapidated building at the top of High Street, or Gou Gaai in Cantonese, but it was bloody spacious by Hong Kong standards.

What we didn’t realize that to many of the locals, one would have to be mad to live there and which is probably why the building only housed foreigners- us, amongst them.

After all, this was and is the street known to many who know “the old Hong Kong” as having once housed “The Ghost House” or “Haunted House on High Street”.

We called it home not knowing that down the street from us was a former mental asylum “The Ghost House”- and where many had died and which was said to be haunted.

We didn’t care.

My girlfriend of three years at that time- a Dane- was just happy to have an apartment with “space”.

And, by Hong Kong standards, “space” we had. Nothing much else.

She also had nothing go right with her various projects, one being a line of spooky clothing called, er, GouGaai and her gloomy half-empty glass tipped over in my direction.

Then, in a short one month burst, the three-year relationship unraveled and died along with those who saw the rest of their days in “The Haunted House On High Street”.

Once we broke up and left Gou Gaai, everything changed for the better and for me.

She returned to Denmark.

Here and which we call Ghostly Stories from Gou Gaai Korner, we’ll feature some of Hong Kong’s and from anywhere else – most spooky stories, houses, buildings, people and even music.


In the meantime, if you have a (ghost) story, photos or things that go bump in the night and anything that will send chills down our backs- and yours- send it to us.

Let’s spook each other out together.