Is Hong Kong still the most cosmopolitan city in the world that it was once? Perhaps for some only who have never really traveled except for astral travel or are living in their own la-la worlds and not knowing any better.

Today’s Hong Kong is being overrun by Mainland Chinese from Shenzhen and overseas Chinese. Thankfully, as far as the former group is concerned, most conduct their mass shopping expeditions in the New Territories whereas those mainly from the States and Canada who have suddenly re-discovered their roots, their routes, their hair roots and the motherland now that the American economy has gone tits up seem to have created their own little America and with almost ALL these new Overseas Chinese refugees having jobs in FINANCE! Or so they say.

One sees these new additions to Hong Kong in pockets of their Little America- mainly bars, restaurants and clubs in Lan Kwai Fong, but not down that horrendous Wyndham Street strip with its Yahoo Henry expats still believing this city is a colony and then pop up around Soho where they engage in loud, boorish conversations with zero respect to those around them who, sadly, sit there and fucking take it. Yes, the lunatics have taken over the asylum- and they are fucking LOUD.

As for the locals, they are mostly wimps who seem to have all been cast in a shocking local movie called “Lan Kwai Fong 2″, which is some gawdawful director’s wet dream of what he thinks LKF is.

Speaking of which, LKF- like many other parts of Hong Kong nightlife is fast becoming another Nathan road and quickly being over-run by Nigerians dealing in hard drugs alongside nickel and dime pushers from Southeast Asia selling “soft drugs” near LKF’s most “happening” venue: the 7/11.

What’s incredulous to fathom is who lets these Nigerians into Hong Kong and why when we see nationalities who have given some of the best years of their lives to building Hong Kong- and in case of the mighty Gurkas from Nepal- protecting it- being given a hard time at Immigration. And yet, these jobless Nigerians sail through.  

Who’s zooming who and pocketing how much from these Nigerians who are even treated like lepers at Escape, that sad cattle market in Wanchai, which opens its doors- and where many women from around the world open their legs for money and for anyone?

Together with Carnegie’s in Wanchai, this LKF 7/11 is where underage kids get their kicks and their cheap fixes in broad daylight while the local gendarmes turn a blind eye to all this and, instead, waste everyone’s time harassing bars and restaurants about liquor licenses and outdated sound ordinances.  

Do they ever check out Carnegie’s? Nah, it’s too much hard work and too late for them so they let those weird times there continue.

Of course, many go to the popular bar for a good, clean time with mates, but there are some dodgy things happening outside the entrance and in the various loos.

Today’s Hong Kong is not “Asia’s World City.” It’s more like Asia’s Walled City and a city in decline where some of us have lived for almost all our lives and seen the Best Of Hong Kong- a far more innocent and open Hong Kong.

Right now, we’re seeing the worst of Hong Kong- a government under siege, a befuddled Chief Executive, corruption, landlords running rampant and running the city and a motley group of newcomers who have no idea of history, respect or pride.

Hong Kong needs to visit somewhere like Singapore, learn some lessons about being truly “International” and then return and put Humpty Dumpty together again.