It was a fucking mess- and a further embarrassment to a city which doesn’t need more embarrassments: The corrupt politicians and a Chief Executive totally outta sync with the people of the city are surely enough?

But, no, Hong Kong’s three- well, two-and-half- television channels had to go and also cock up the coverage of the Olympic Games.

Firstly, having this ‘live’ coverage given exclusively to i-Cable was a joke. The channel has absolutely squat programming, it has around five viewers and is a non-player.

Screw, the channel’s PR person Garmen Cheung and those pathetic replies to complaints in the SCMP’s Letters To The Editor.

Off with his head. 

Finally, the coverage  was “shared” with terrestrial stations TVB and ATV- and this resulted in more of mess. It also made foreigners truly realize they are second class citizens in this city.

Forget Nicam, switch to either channel and one heard some gawdawful presenters prattling on in English – but with the cameras turned on the Chinese presenters.

Then came the commercial breaks- and just bunged in without any thought and no common sense.

Anyone miss bibs and bobs of the Closing Ceremony?

We did- through commercial breaks for station promos!

It’s amazing that they didn’t cut into a television break during Usain Bolt’s 100 metres win. 

Did we enjoy the Olympics? By reading about them, yeah.

Too bad the excitement of watching the Games- ‘live’- turned out to be the very embarrassing showcase in amateurism that it was.  .