Talk about a YouTube sensation!

This video from Korea’s PSY- a comeback track from a singer who was around long before K-Pop and K-Dance and probably even K-Jel has taken off- even in the States. Fans of the video include David Beckham, Robbie Williams, Gaga, Andre 3000 and others who have helped it rack up over 23 MILLION views in around a week!

And why not? The music track is Retro-Dance Electro Cool, the video is kinda Spike Jonze meets David Lynch and it all comes together in your typical Korean Kool weirdness kinda way which the world has grown to accept and embrace as the New Hipdom. Watch out for Gaga- or for Madonna- to jump on the PSY bandwagon. It has to happen! For how long will PSYmania last? For the moment so ride on it while you can. Another to jump on this video? Wanna bet Perez Hilton will be all over it like a bad rash? We’re starting to itch already.