This could be a movie:

Above is horse trainer Les Samba who was murdered a few years ago.

No one is as yet to find the killer or killers.

Les Samba was the father-in-law of leading Melbourne jockey Danny Nikolic.

Nikolic rode in Hong Kong for a while and was closely associated with Champion Sprinter Sacred Kingdom.

In fact, when this horse first stepped out at the lucrative odds of 11 to 1, Nikolic was its jockey.

The partnership was not to last long and, after a shocking run by Sacred Kingdom Nikolic was unceremoniously dumped from ever riding the horse again- and returned to Australia soon after that with his career in tatters.

Dogged by controversy for nearly all of his career and a messy divorce, Nikolic has still proven himself to be one of the best jockeys in Oz.

On Sunday, for example, he rode a brilliant ride to win aboard Zanzidar at Seymour.

Why is Danny Nikolic embroiled in this new case?

It has all to do with an alleged race fixing scandal involving a horse named Smoking Aces and a race in 2011.

Who is the other jockey said to be involved in the fixing of a race with Nikolic?

Apparently, its jockey Mark Zahra who rode in Hong Kong for a very short term late last season.


Bottom line: The days of goons controlling horse racing- as they do nearly every other sport- is in a minority and need to be wiped out forever.

Apart from Australia, the major culprits are said to be in Malaysia, Mauritius and Macau.

Yes, M&M&M.

Where will this case lead?

Hopefully, into stamping out the bad seeds of horse racing and replacing them with a new breed of sportsmen to a sport which is attracting more and more new race-goers and doesn’t need the dirty past-and those who are part of this dirty past-to keep it under a very dark cloud.