Age is a funny thing. It’s also an important thing when it can make or break a relationship.

Remember, having a crush at 13 over an 18 year old girl? Or vice versa?

Wowsie, a whole five years difference!

And so, time goes on and now you’re 35 and she’s 25. and this could be a huge age difference.

Unless you’re a millionaire ‘cos it always come down to money.

Money CAN buy love, Beatle Paul!

Now, move things forward: You’re 45 and she’s 25.

Whoa- a 20 year difference between a man and a woman?

Now, move things even further.

Let’s say, you’re a man around 30 years older than your partner and all is fine- the sex, the chit-chat, the finances etc.

All of a sudden, the partner “does the maths” and decides that he/she has to bail: There is an “age difference.”

Hello? Didn’t they work these maths out before?

Ashton Kutcher, you’re a shallow asshole.

Still, onwards and upwards and thinking age is but a frame of mind, one carries on getting into single life.

Suddenly, the partner who has vowed “great love” leaves and immediately hooks up with a “younger man.”

Well, around ten years younger and adds how she has never been happier.

You look at yourself in the mirror, slap your face and call yourself a sad fucker for not getting rid of her for that younger and more athletic nymphet you could have shagged.

Then, you hear- and through Facebook- that the woman whom you wanted to leave a year ago but was drowning in guilt- has now married.

You think back to all those younger athletic girls you could have had.

Have they all gone and never to be seen again?

Nah, finding the “right” person has nothing to do with age and anyone who does is a very shallow person with low esteem and an eye for a silken purse.

You go back to being you- and those who wish to be with you with no financial strings attached and start living a partnership with no useless baggage.

Or just one suitcase that has seen better days.

Bottom line: All the maths in the world always come up with zero when one is talking about affairs of the heart.

Heart is where the home is and nothing can take away from real feelings.

And no maths can figure that one out and which is the beauty of true, pure love.

You know what?

At the end of the day, tired of doing the maths, one usually goes back to the first love in your life- real love.

If she takes you back after all the crap she’s been through ‘cos of you.

Hey, we all have our crosses to bear.

Hans Ebert