In the “Twilight” Trilogy, she plays Bella, a kinda weird loner who is attracted to an even weirder guy with incredibly pale skin and who happens to be a vampire.

Well, with fangs being what they always used to be, Bella gets bitten by the love bug and becomes one of “him” and also becomes deadly pale.

In real life, Bella was played by Actress Kristen Stewart, along with the suddenly-quiet Dakota Fanning, one of the most talented young actresses to come along and who made her debut with Jodie Foster in “The Panic Room.”

In real life, Stewart and her vampire boyfriend played by Robert Pattinson were Young Hollywood’s Perfect Couple: He was cool, she was cool and they looked cool together.

Alas, sometimes life imitates art and Kristen Stewart has now had her ass bitten by fans of the popular English Actor.

What happened? She was caught cheating on him with Rupert Sanders, a married film director twice her age and admitted it.

Then again, there is cheating and there is cheating and there are people selling stories and forty pound of flesh out there for a sliver of gold.

What’s being questioned now is the “level” of the cheating.

Gawd, help us.


Well, “complete cheating” or a “mere fling,” Bella, Bella, hell hath no fury like movie fans- or “Twihards”- scorned or cheated on and there are plenty threatening to boycott the Actress’ future films.

Sounds all a bit over-the-top, but seriously, it’s how “fandom” works and the career/image of Kristen Stewart has taken a huge fall from grace with film directors, producers, investors and production houses wondering how this current bad publicity will impact her popularity at the Box Office. And it will as she has quickly reached almost Lindsay Lohan “status” to some though her agents are totally into serious Damage Control and getting some unknown actresses to speak knowingly on the subject of her career.


What about Robert Pattinson? He’s a very talented young actor who’s made some pretty horrific films since the “Twilight” series- and, come on, these were cornball teen-scream films with plenty of brooding substituting for any real acting and which made some of us fall asleep or wish to run outta theatres stark raving naked screaming at the moon.

As for his love life, the couple might get back together only to quickly break up again- and we hope the man has more brains than to forgive and forget- or he’ll quickly start squiring some new young Hollywood actress and he’ll fine. He’ll just chill out for a while and sing the blues and then be back with someone else on his arm. Easy. Sing it, Robert.