It’s his voice.

No wait: It’s his songs.

Man, that voice! It’s not “pretty Chris Martin” or pretty “Snow Patrol” but it’s just there.

It makes words and melodies come alive.

It’s write soul music without the Cocker Power.

It’s a laid-back soul without having to throw it around and make a daft spectacle of yourself.

“Serenity” is one of the finest songs I’ve heard in a very long time.

It’s a hymn, it’s a song, it’s life changing.

It’s what “Angels” and “Feel” once were.

Tim, David- Robbie- listen to this- and those “strings” in the background.

One of the other great songs I’ve heard which really deserves to be heard by more is Ben’s “Street Life.”

This song makes me cry for all the right reasons.

It’s like listening to Cat Steven’s singing “Father And Son”: It’s timeless.

It’s the troubadour in Ben Semmens.

Someone should mash up both tracks. Or Ben should open for Yusuf The Cat.

It’s what great music or the perfect song should do: Unleash the emotions we try to keep in check ‘cos that’s how it was and is supposed to be.

It’s how our folks dealt with things: By numbing and quashing them instead of wearing those feelings on their sleeves like medals of courage.

Sure, even men bleed- all the fucking time. It takes a real man to admit that instead of hiding behind fake machismo.

Fake Machismo: That’s just a good name for a band.

At a time when many of us think that the handful of musical notes have been used to create the world’s best songs and there’s nothing left to write, wrong.

There’s someone like Ben Semmens out there in Wales and living, loving, creating and seeing where this journey leads.

It won’t, mercifully, lead to a television talent show: He’ll be voted off at the “auditions”.

So, what’s next?

His music needs to reach the right people with the clout- Elton John, McCartney, Robbie, the good people at IE.

We all need to create one long Serenity musical chain letter and send it to Yoko as part of her wonderful Peace initiatives.

Create poems, create cards, create videos for this incredibly powerful song and which our friend Scottie Hui has done: Just one shot can say so much.

Often, we wait for others to create and judge when we must all become part of the creative solution and product.

This is the way, music will stop being devalued.

Well done, mate. It’s taken a long time for this to come out of the box and look at the world Outside Of The Box, but it’s been worth the wait.

And now, the next major steps .