We had a few young ladies demonstrate exactly how this works- the latest piece of fitness equipment from Korea.

Inspired by, so say the makers of “Ace Power”, horse riding and with “input” from “leading jockeys”, the basic, well, thrust of the fitness programme, is to thrust oneself with great vigor and ensure that your stomach and other parts of one’s anatomy get a damn good working out.

To us, watching our lady friends riding and taming “Ace Rider” around the apartment- and to some real driving, riding music- we kicked back, sipped our drinks and wondered when this floor show might end.

Bloody hell, it went on and on and with each one trying to show us who was fitter.

So while watching this show of show, our minds wandered and we thought of how racing clubs should have mini gyms for their members- and each equipped with an “Ace Power.”

Also, why not create “Ace Racer” competitions- for ladies only- in-between racers and where punters vote for the Best Looking Ace Power Racer?

We really don’t think there’ll be too many who would want to see the bloke below riding anything.

Or this bloke. Well, maybe, not. It might be fun and help bring the crowds back to racecourses in NSW.

Are those PLIERS in your hand, Pete? Pourquoi?

For the ladies, a competition where men ride these “Ace Racers” and where race tracks suddenly become something like a Hooters and women go made and scream for their favourite “Ace Power.”

All ideas are welcomed.

As for Korean ingenuity, first there was kim-chee, then Korean Barbque, then world-conquering K-Pop, then the gawdawful song, “Nobody But You”- and the name of a somewhat new horse racing in Hong Kong- and now “Ace Power.”.