And so the curtain’s come down again

On another racing season

And what a year it really was

With twelve outta twelve for the Durban Demon

Johnny Size

Well, he won it all

Though “Jungle Jim” gave it his very best

He was Moore the merrier

Though Brother Gary ended up a dope

Cruz Control hit top gear

But the race had already been run

Yiu and Yip made their mark

And let’s not forget Lord Danny Shum

Caspar had a lean old year

By his own lofty standards

Fear not- he’ll be back dancing again

Just wait for the new season

The Zac Attack was the punters pal

And Little Bridge won it big at Ascot

He’s finally showing the talent he always had

Brett Prebble gave it all he had

But he just came up short

His mate David Hall was always there

To fuck us punters up a lot

We love this pic of owner Mr. Kwok

It just seems to say so much

When “Hally’s” Soldier won at 50s last week

Mr Kwok said, “Damn! What the bloody fuck???”

Derek Leung, Keith Yeung

And “The Plunger” Ben So

These young guns came out firing

While a few others just have to go

Richard Gibson came up trumps

He was a winner on and off the track

He wooed big Jo Jo from afar

And swept her off her feet

Meanwhile, there was The Big Wally

What does he really do?

He reminds us of Max Headroom

While his tips go down the loo

Matty Chadwick will return a better jock

After his riding stint abroad

Next season he might have less Cruz Control

But his talent won’t be lost

Tim and Tye showed us they’re no also-rans

They battled with the best

They’re both winners in our books

They never settled for anything less

Whiz kids came and went real fast

What’s happening to Umberto Rispoli?

The Big Mac was the best of them all

He wasn’t some limp spaghetti

Let’s not forget the honest Lucky Nine

And the mighty Joy and Fun

Ambitious Dragon breathed fire again

But is its trainer under the gun?

Over 70,000 made it to Shatin last week

To give the season a farewell sign

The numbers clicked like never before

And Winfried was more than nearly fine!

“Darth” Ferraris cracked another shit

But he still managed a smile

Liberator did the trick for him

It had been very dark for a while

Andy Leung was racing’s Dorian Grey

He became young again

Forget the age and those colorful coats

The man just cannot fucking train

Spare a thought for “The Dazzler”

We wish him all the best

Legends are never forgotten

They’re always here to stay

Hats off to the HK Jockey Club

They continue to show the way

They’re lengths ahead of all the rest

And in front is where they’ll stay

And as we look at what’s to come

We won’t settle for second best

Hong Kong is where champions meet

From all points East and West