We ran into our old friend Mr. Hari “Curry” Karki last night, the owner of Guru, Hong Kong’s finest Indian Restaurant, and the Spanish eatery next door to it called, er, WTF.

The usually unflappable Mr. Hari “Curry” was beside himself: “Who’s going to replace Steven Tyler?’ he screamed to all who could hear him.

We thought, “Whaaaah?” Steven Tyler is staying at Hong Kong’s Grand Hyatt- and we didn’t even know about it?

The screaming got worse when he yelled out, “Who will replace Jennifer Lopez? She is Prime Beef!”

“Whaaah?” we thought. “Jennifer Lopez is at the hotel’s Steak House- and what’s our old mate, Gordon Fuller, Area Vice President / General Manager Grand Hyatt Hong Kong; got to do with J-Lo?


Or had he been keeping it “down on the J-Lo”?

(J-Lo- you and Pitbul-, take the title. It makes career sense)

We next got mortified when Hari “Curry” cried out, “Has ‘The Dawg’ gone home to the pound with the chickens to roost?”

The Grand Hyatt in Hong Kong serves the world’s best Hainan Chicken Rice- the Ginger Sauce REALLY makes the dish- and we wondered if “The Dawg” was actually its creator.

Things then came to a rest- and we caught our breath- when Hari “Curry” asked, “How much say does Gordon Fuller have about his show these days, anyway?”

Gordon Fuller, the head of the Grand Hyatt in Hong Kong, Simon Fuller, the creator of the “Idol” franchise, well, to Mr. Karki, what’s the difference?


Hari “Curry” Karki really is “Fuller” s***- but we love him, anyway.

After all, what’s in a name?     

Well, we guess that depends on who’s doing the asking.