Scott Moyer writes in:

HKCool is being evolved enough to not be jaded by everything that is all around you.

HKCool is seeing beautiful Asian legs and bodies everywhere you go….way cool!

HKCool is being able to rent a ski boat and go water skiing in Repulse Bay/Deep Water Bay anytime you get the urge.

HKCool is having a Luxury Junk or Yacht and taking a weekend vacation to the outer islands with all your very cool international friends….& with cooks, ski boat and sun tan lotion.

HKCool is living in one of the most intriguing places in the World and accepting and respecting all of it’s character.

HKCool is as simple as a trip to any authentic Chinese Restaurant (take your pick) for the best food experiences ever.

HKCool is meeting new friends who actually are not limited in thought as the many who are stuck in their own worlds elsewhere with their zero perspective on the rest of the world.

HKCool is having your senses bombarded by unusual and stimulating smells, vistas, people, places, foods, cultures, colors, clothes, products, weather, sports and more.

HKCool is being able to say you lived there and had the great experience.

HKCool is reuniting years later with other HKCool friends and schoolmates.

HKCool is the pleasure of being able to speak the language and put a smile on the faces of those you speak it to.

HKCool is flying in over the islands day or night and seeing one of the most spectacular views ever worldwide.

HKCool is experiencing international world-class talent perform in beautiful venues.

HKCool is being aware that you are experience the experience of HK Cool.

HKCool is being in a culture that exists nowhere else on earth.

HKCool is going up the Peak Tram, grabbing a cool drink and taking a walk around Luguard Rd.(SP)

HKCool is experiencing Typhoon season and all the majestic senses it creates during and after.

HKCool is being able to stay up all night long and find endless sources of entertainment.

HKCool includes all of the stunning new and old Luxury Hotels, their environments and cuisines offered.

HKCool is as infinite as your awareness of it is.

HKCool is experiencing the evolution of your own beingness as it is affected by your HK experience.

HKCool just is!


Jeff Caylor writes in:

Glass blowing class on Lamma Island

Hike to Tai Long Wan beach in Sai Kung

Monkey Mtn in Kam Shan Country Park

Dialog in the Dark (look it up!)

The Weathering’s CD Release Show (date tbd!)


Jacques Dubois writes in:

Coolest person I know of – Allan Zeman! Without him, LKF would not be what it is today!


Nuno Fernandes writes in:

5 1/2 day banking
Best Variety of quality eateries
Cheapest Taxi fares
Great Public Transport