First of all, at a time when we have seen some shocking work when it comes to what is being passd off as “logos” and “ads,” we were so relieved to see this piece of effective communications- simple, sleek, good copy and enticing.

Of course, we’ll be there as we’re fans of Blackbird in Lyndhurst Terrace and at a time when we’re tired of being ripped off by over-priced and over-rated restaurants.

Screw them.

Though the Peak Café in Shelley Street, Soho remains a favourite meeting place of ours- great menu, affordable prices and one of the best “viewing” areas in Hong Kong as so many good looking women walk past the restaurant on their way to Pure Fitness, a lunch at Blackbird is now a Must Do. And all based on this one piece of communications from the venue and created and produced by our mate Dan.

Check it out with us- and let the creative sparks fly.