Bruce Willis movie set burns

Bruce Willis rushed to the set of his new movie when he heard a five-storey building used to shoot ‘Die Hard 5′ in Budapest, accidentally burst into flames.

The incident took place on Thursday (05.07.12) as Bruce reprises his famous John McClane character, reports website RadarOnline.

Bruce was apparently taking the afternoon off at hotel but received a phone call because the building where they planned to shoot for the next five days, was burning.

Sources explained that the property was constructed out of wood especially for the shoot, and a fire was supposed to break out in the lobby just as a helicopter was about to land.

Bruce’s stunt double was working and when the helicopter attempted to land, blades estimated to be about 200 ft. in circumference, fanned the fire and caused flames to spread.

The stunt double narrowly escaped injury and fire brigades from the surrounding areas appeared on the scene to try to contain the blaze.

The actor arrived just moments after the blaze started and attempted to help salvage equipment and cameras that were in danger of being destroyed.

His daughter Rumer was recently sent into a panic after her dog, Indy Blue, went missing.

He also recently learned that his other child with Demi Moore, Tallulah Willis, could be caught up in a nude photograph scandal.


Cam Gigandet partner expecting second child

‘Twilight’ star Cam Gigandet is expecting his second child with fiancee Dominique Geisendorff.

The couple is already parents to three-year-old daughter Everleigh Rae.

The family celebrated American Independence Day on Wednesday (04.07.12) at Malibu Beach, California as website JustJared.com reported the news.

Cam played an evil vampire named James in the saga and the 29-year-old actor worked alongside singers Christina Aguilera and Cher in 2010′s ‘Burlesque’.

He also had a recurring role as Kevin Volchok alongside Mischa Barton in the teenage drama ‘The O.C’.

The star can next be seen in the film ‘Free Ride’ with ‘True Blood’ actress Anna Paquin.

In the film Anna – who is currently pregnant with twins – plays a single mother caught up in the Florida drug trade during the late 1970s and tries to make a better life for her two daughters.

Meanwhile he will additionally appear in an action adventure film that revolves around the Navy SEALS who hunted and killed Osama bin Laden.

The motion picture, as well as another movie called ‘Red Sky’, both have cinema release dates for later this year.


Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez regularly split

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have reportedly broken up multiple times in the last few months.

Apparently the pop stars most recently decided to end their relationship last week but have since rekindled and are giving their relationship another try.

A source told website TMZ.com that 18-year-old Justin and 19-year-old Selena’s current situation is tenuous and stated that they are not a “solid” couple.

The two have been dating for around a year and a half and while Disney actress Selena has maintained her squeaky clean image, Justin has been faced with some controversy recently.

Recent reports claimed that Justin may have to face jail if convicted on criminal charges for an altercation with a photographer.

Justin recently said he thinks he could take One Direction in a fight.

Although the ‘Boyfriend’ hitmaker knows he couldn’t beat the boy band if they all attacked him as a group, he is confident he could hold his own individually against Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne.

He is quoted as saying: “I’d get my ass kicked (against all of them). But one-on-one I’d take them. I’d try a spin-kick. To the face.”


Jessica Alba wins weight-loss legal battle

Jessica Alba has been triumphant in a legal battle against a weight-loss brand.

The Belly Bandit company, which used her name to sell products without her permission, have settled a lawsuit she filed in October last year.

The business used Jessica’s name and image to promote its post-pregnancy slimming products on their website.

Jessica claimed she never gave Belly Bandit permission to pose as if she had given them recommendations for shedding fat.

The statement online read: “Jessica Alba’s #2 secret for a fast post pregnancy slim down!”

Sources told website TMZ.com that the company handed over an acceptable amount of cash and agreed to stop using Jessica as a marketing tool and the case has been dismissed.

In the lawsuit, Jessica said that the business has “prominently featured and posted a photograph of Alba, and listed her name under the ‘Celebrity Testimonials’ section of their Website.”

Jessica was suing for more than a million dollars in damages. She also wanted a percentage of the money that Belly Bandit made as a result of using her name in their campaign.


Kris Humphries ex Myla Sinanaj pregnant

Kris Humphries’ former girlfriend Myla Sinanaj is reportedly pregnant.

The woman, who the New Jersey Nets player is thought to have dated following his split from estranged wife Kim Kardashian, is apparently three months pregnant with his child.

Sources directly connected with Myla told website TMZ.com that she confirmed she is expecting on Monday.

Myla – who Kris met while she was working in a New York hotel – insists that the basketball player is definitely the father.

The news could be used against Kris in his divorce with Kim, because Kris has claimed he was devastated by the break up and suffered emotionally.

However it further cements claims that Kris moved on quickly after separating from the reality TV star when she filed for divorce on October 31.

The insider claims that Myla plans to have the baby and wants to raise it alone, because she believes Kris has betrayed her by denying their five-month relationship.

The friend also stated that for the past three weeks, Kris and Myla have been communicating regularly, however she has not yet announced the news to the sportsman.


Alec Baldwin told Hilaria of proposal plan

Alec Baldwin told Hilaria Thomas he was going to propose to her.

The ’30 Rock’ star – who married the yoga instructor last weekend after a year of dating – and his partner are “very organised” and not good at keeping secrets, so he made sure to warn her that he was planning to ask her to be his wife.

Hilaria revealed: “He brought me to Montauk [in New York], out by the lighthouse. He’s not great at keeping secrets from me, which is a very good thing. He told me earlier that he was going to propose. We’re very organised.

“He kept asking me if I knew where we were driving. I said, ‘No, I’ve never been past Gurney’s Inn!’ When we got there he said, ‘This is the closest I could get you to Spain’… since my family is still there.”

However, despite knowing what Alec, 54, was about to ask her, Hilaria insists it was still an emotional moment.

She added to website the Daily Front Row: “He got on his knee, and I burst out crying.”

Hilaria, 28, believes Alec has “really changed” since he adopted her yoga workouts and they now lead a healthy lifestyle together.

She said: “He’s looking great! Alec and I still like our dinners, even though he’s lost a lot of weight. But yoga has really changed him.

“Before we met, he used to do what he calls ‘middle-aged white man yoga.’ Elements of yoga have definitely helped, but it’s mostly nutrition and an overall lifestyle change.

“We stock up on blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries, almond milk, quinoa, almonds, and apples.”


Rumer Willis’ dog is missing

Rumer Willis’ dog has gone missing.

The ‘House Bunny’ actress – the daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore – has been left devastated after her puppy Indy Blue disappeared, and has been putting up posters around her Los Angeles neighbourhood in the hope someone will find and return her beloved pooch.

Rumer adopted the dog – a terrier-beagle cross – just two months ago and her disappearance is the latest in a string of bad luck for the 23-year-old star.

Earlier this year, she had more than $10,000 worth of items stolen, including construction tools, after a burglar entered her Hollywood Hills home by slicing through a gate lock with a blowtorch-type device.

Thankfully, nobody was injured during the raid and no-one was in at the time of the burglary.

At the beginning of the year, Rumer’s mother Demi – who split from second husband Ashton Kutcher in November – was hospitalised and subsequently treated for anorexia and substance abuse problems.


Tom Cruise: Divorce not about Scientology

Tom Cruise doesn’t believe Katie Holmes filed for divorce because of Scientology.

The former ‘Dawson’s Creek’ actress submitted papers to end their five-year marriage last week but despite claims the actress’ concerns their six-year-old daughter Suri was to be subjected to auditing and sent to the Sea Organisation – a floating Scientology school – were behind her decision, the 50-year-old actor is said to think the claims about his religion are being made to “hurt” him.

A source close to Tom told TMZ: “[Katie] was totally committed to Scientology. She had enthusiasm for it and would voluntarily and gladly participate in it when Tom was off shooting movies.

“This is not a fight over religion. It’s being used as a way to hurt Tom.”

Despite Tom’s apparent belief, Katie has reportedly stepped up her security amid fears she is being “spied on” by Scientology leaders, with her parents receiving hourly reports on her whereabouts.

A source told RadarOnline.com: “Katie’s father and mother are in constant communication with their daughter. They are being told what she is doing and where she is with Suri. One of Katie’s bodyguards is also calling her father throughout the day and night to inform him of Katie and Suri’s physical location and there is an electronic security log that Katie’s parents receive that is updated hourly.

“Katie is taking these extraordinary measures for obvious reasons. She knows now that in the eyes of Scientology she is the enemy. Her father advised her to spare no expense in hiring the best security team possible. “