Once upon a time, James Dean was the coolest person on the planet.

He lived hard, he lived hard and he died young.

He is still probably the coolest person around though not around as many got all their brooding coolness from James Dean.

Think about it: Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain, Steve McQueen- though cool in his right- the young Brad Pitt in “Thelma And Louise”, Brando, Kevin Spacey, Johnny Depp, James Franco, and so many others have all either modeled themselves after James Dean or have been inspired by the actor. James Franco probably thinks he IS James Dean.

Hell, the Eagles even wrote and recorded a song called “James Dean.”

So, who is the coolest person on the planet today?

Is there anyone?

Is there a really cool woman around?

Please don’t tell us it’s Lady Gaga or Madonna.

Juliette Lewis, now she remains cool though we wish she starts making movies again.

Who’s the coolest person in Asia?

Is there anyone?

Tony Leung, definitely.

Influenced by James Dean? Of course.

Edison Chen, Shah Rukh Khan, the fast-ageing Jackie Chan, no thanks.

If you know a really cool person, let us know.

From now till August 7, send us photos or videos of who you think is the coolest personality with a short description as to what makes then cool. Entries should be sent to

The most original reason given for a person having The Cool Factor will win- what else?- but a very cool prize.

If they pass our Coolio Meter, we’ll send both of you a very cool gift.

Cool? Cool.