I am the first to admit that I was immune to “Yellow Fever” for a very long time.

I watched in shock and awe at friends from all parts West come to places like Hong Kong, especially Singapore, of course China, Taiwan, Thailand etc and saw their marriages go down the gurgler.

Why? They had been attacked by Yellow Fever- and not worthy of even taking a temperature.

But times have changed and being afflicted by Yellow Fever can be very rewarding.

Sure, there can be the most gorgeous women, especially from Eastern Europe, throwing themselves at you- and always for a price- but those days are now over, Red Rover.

Why? Sad to say, the “quality” of “white chicks” in Asia- even those from Eastern Europe- have hit an all-time low.

In racing parlance, many are Class 5 animals.

Yes, there are private clubs and “escort agencies” that cater to those who want some “white meat”, but most, these days, can take it or leave it.

Those days when just being a “white chick in Asia” are dead and buried unless you’re still singing “Desperado.”

Sorry, but “white” is a wash-out and tonight I saw some of the most average looking “white chicks” being promoted by very average looking white guys who probably still singing “Desperado.”

All of them were fucking losers.

Fact: Asia has the remnants, the throwaways, when it comes to white chicks.

Most are really a very average looking bunch when one has traveled and seen what countries like Lithuania, Russia, Moldova, Sweden, Norway, and even Oz etc can offer and provide.

White chicks in Asia? Sorry, but most are an average looking bunch with the personalities of a marshmallow.

Plus many on the prowl are not cougars.

They are toothless lionesses with zero to offer compared to all the “yellow meat” available these days.

It’s mostly desperate Indian “doots” who still have this fascination for D Grade material.

Today’s “yellow meat” are not your usual tacky breed of Hong Kong girls who can barely string two sentences together.

They’re not what you can pick up for a grand at Escape or any bar in Wanchai at 4am.

No, today’s “yellow meat” is prime rib who have been educated abroad.

They are smart, street savvy, extremely attractive and presentable. And they are not easy

They know how to dress and are no longer those one would shag behind closed doors and hope your mates never ever see you out with them.

Those days are well and truly over.

Tonight, watching some extremely average looking Aussie chicks in a restaurant, it clicked with a group of us sitting and watching all the fawning over this average lot of women by some blokes who thought they had struck Gold just how desperate men- especially in Hong Kong- have become.

You losers, now hear this: White is no longer the New Black: Yellow is.

White chicks in Asia? They need to get out and see what real style is about and realize that their days as been Queen Bees are over.

Hell, go to Shanghai and Beijing and see how white chicks are now “relegated” in the dating food chain.

The supply overwhelms the demand and the supply ain’t too hot.

Same goes for all those black dudes who go to China thinking they have new female territory to conquer.

It happens, sure, but without the class.

Ask that opportunist Wyclef Jean, who, after months and years of trawling through China, came up with his idea of the ultimate Chinese beauty.

Get the man some fucking glasses.

As for those desperadoes who pursue these women, sorry kids, but you’re just picking up the leftovers and looking like right knobs for even bothering.

What would me and my mates do if we got any of these girls?

Well, we have and we did the right thing: Sent them home, watched TV alone, then fell asleep and never asked to see them again.

And then what?

Nothing except going back and listening to Donovan sing, “Mellow Yellow” and waiting for tomorrow and checking out what we call the “new Yellow Meat” and the incredible beauty of Eurasians.

White chicks compared to Eurasians? Please.