When Tom Cruise jumped on Oprah Winfrey’s couch to show the world his love and devotion for young Katie Holmes, many thought it was some of the hammiest acting he had done. Ever.

He had to do something: Former wife Nicole Kidman had already hooked up with Keith Urban.

This was very much Damage Control, Hollywood style.

Like John Travolta, rumours of Cruise’s sexual preferences and his dalliances with the male singer of a certain band that was once as popular as, say, Maroon 5- think of a pack of cigarettes and you might guess his name- have been widely talked about.

There has also be the various “lists:- lists of actresses who are said to have been approached to marry Cruise on “ten-year contracts” in return for money and key roles in movies.

Apparently, Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes, way down on both lists, accepted whereas Actresses like Scarlett Johannsen, Jessica Alba, Penelope Cruz and others gave the offers the thumbs down.

Cruise’s other wife- Actress Mimi Rogers and who was much older from then an up-and-coming young Actor- has disappeared without a trace- no book, no interviews, no career.

Say many, she was paid a stack to just go away and say nothing.


Now comes the news that after all that love and all their public coo-ing Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise are divorcing.

And it was Holmes who filed for divorce.



Are we surprised? What do you think?

Will Cruise re-marry?

At 50, he has around ten years to go public feeling “hurt.”

Meanwhile, his movie career is re-bounding with “Rock Of Ages” after a number of flops.

At 33, Katie Holmes, probably has a Clause in her “contract” to say that she needs to give this whole divorce thing a two-year break before dating, then re-marrying and living her own life her way.

And that, folks is showbiz.