I am trying to get my head around Hong Kong’s rabid fixation with illegal structures. As those in this city know, the moment that “Horse Face” Henry Tang was found to have a luxuriously-appointed illegal structure in the basement of one his equally luxuriously houses, the local media went absolutely berserk and descended on him like hounds from hell and felled his attempts to be Hong Kong’ next Chief Executive and when he was meant to be a shoe-in.

“Horse Face” attempted to thwart this attack by doing the only thing he seems to know what to do: He blamed it on his long-suffering wife who copped it on her chin. Again and like she forgave him for his affair which also came out around the same time with allegations of an illegitimate child, “Horse Face” hid behind his wife’s skirt and showed a man lacking in balls.

The latest news surrounding illegal structures is bringing undone the credibility of Chief Executive-elect CY Leung. Somehow, it has only now been discovered that Mr. Leung has six illegal structures in one of HIS luxurious homes. He has attempted to defend these illegal structures, but with this obsession about people having illegal structures, the more he tries to explain how and why they are where they are and how and when they got there, he digs a deeper hole for himself and he just comes out looking like some devious, slimy human illegal structure.

The problem with illegal structures is that if truth be known, nearly every apartment and house has some form of an illegal structure. Even the hysterical local media that keeps going about these illegal structures probably have some form of illegal structures at their homes. Frankly, if overseas and reading about all the space in the media devoted to illegal structures and asking for the heads of those who are caught with having had them built, one would look at Hong Kong as almost a Monty Pythonesque skit and some kinda follow up to The Ministry Of Silly Walks.

What is really at the root of all this “illegal structure” rubbish is the simple fact that no one trusts any of Hong Kong’s politicians and are finally thinking of making themselves heard for being duped for so long by the very rich. It’s the Haves no longer having their cake and being ale to eat it, too, before the media blowing their covers- though this media is also starting to lose their priorities and are going after these power brokers the same ways they would a pseudo celebrity like Edison Chen. It’s a disgruntled public seeing corruption taking place in all sectors- even by those meant to fight corruption- and just being fed up with it all.

It’s the Night Of The Living Dead and Hong Kong wants to see more than zombies running and fleecing their city.

Huge protests are planned for July 1, Reunification Day in Hong Kong with the Motherland. Here’s hoping that these planned protests have nothing to do with “illegal structures” when this would just make these marches to be seen as daft and marches to nowhere and marches for the sake of marching. There must be some form of strategy and a set objective. If not, it’s all as optimistic and stupid as a flea creeping up an elephant’s leg in hope of sex.

Hong Kong has been raped and pillaged by property tycoons for decades. They rule the land- literally and figuratively- and have many in their pockets- and this includes the city’s Chief Executives. This must be revealed once and for all and the Independent Commission Against Corruption must finally learn to actually win the cases which they start and never ever successfully finish off. It’s looking more and more like the boy who cried wolf and another of Hong Kong’s toothless entities.

The corruption charges laid against former TVB General Manager Stephen Chan and then having him wriggle out of it all made the ICAC look like loonies. It’s stuff like this has the Hong Kong public feeling that their once-great city has nose-dived into the nearest lap sap bin.

Ever since Hong Kong lost Governor Chris Patten after the 1997 Handover to Mainland China, things have gone from bad to worse and now to a completely idiotic level of screaming and a hollering that’s more vociferous than what can be heard in a Black gospel church with Aretha Franklin leading the charge.

Somewhere along the way, the local media has got it all wrong or else, certain factions are in the pockets of those who wish to create disturbances for their own agendas. And, right now, with CY Leung about to be “crowned” the Clown Prince of Hong Kong and with the evil Carrie Lam cackling behind him as his Chief Secretary, Hong Kong is facing a very serious confidence crisis of simply not being able to trust anyone in power or who have a say in this city- not CY Leung, not Carrie Lam, not the arrogant Michael Tien and his goofy brother James, not Allan Zeman, not Donald Tsang, not Carrie Lam, not any of the Alberts, not Emily Lau who just keeps barking like a mad bitch, not Richard Li, not Li Ka-shing, not fucking any of these tired old names which keep being trotted out.

One look at CY Leung’s face and one has to ask, “Can you trust this man?” Forget about his colourful history and all his dubious business deals and which are playing second fiddle to his “illegal structures.” These deals are where the REAL story lies. Fuck his “illegal structures” and even if he lied about them. Everybody cries and everybody lies or, at least tries to cover up their pock marks.

All this is something that should send shivers down the spines of many in Beijing who will be looking at what’s going on in Hong Kong and thinking, “Fuck and Diu-lay those stupid people across the border. Let’s not have any of their stupid shit give those here any ideas. In the meantime, take down all illegal structures.”

Hans Ebert