What can we say except, we told you so: Sure, use Facebook- but use it wisely- and never give them your original content.

Whatever you put up there and share with your friends, well, all this content is owned by “Suck” aka “Zuck” and company.

And with all this great power comes even greater arrogance and ways of owning YOU without you even knowing it.

Privacy? What privacy? It’s all out there for all to see and share and smirk at and all of which opens up a can of worms.


With its shares worth a pittance and now a sneaky email switch, one has to wonder when Facebook will truly be Failbook and when the lawsuits will begin in earnest.

We also have to wonder what Hong Kong’s Richest Man- Li ka-shing- who is one of the main shareholders of Facebook thinks about all of this and if he as made on the deal or lost a packet.

Then again, he can lose billions and still have billions to spare.

Sadly, all those uploading all their videos, words, pics etc don’t have these billions and are being royally screwed every day.