Like beauty, art or what passes off as art or even great art is in the eye of the beholder.

Matthieu Bessudo aka McBess is a London-based French artist whose work we think to be terrific.

Is it reminiscent of the work of another of our favourites in Jamie Hewlett who gave visual birth to Gorillaz? Probably.

Check out

Looking at the work of someone like McBess always makes us wonder where the Asian artists community exists.

They exist somewhere- but where?- and government organizations in Hong Kong like CreateHK do sweet f-all to promote these talents or even provide them with a greater canvas to showcase their work.

Where is our McBess?

Again in Hong Kong, mention creativity and the name g.o.d. comes up- and has been coming up for years.

Sure, g.o.d. creates some quirky work which is why we are fans.

But surely, there is more than one g.o.d. just as there is more than one God?

Come out, come out, wherever you are and show whatever it is you have to show.

We’re sure, it will blow many minds and inspire just as many.

When we see what is passed off as being “creative” in Hong Kong and the absolute twaddle of ad agencies and production houses our collective hearts just die a little.

And when these agencies and houses are hired to actually do work and are paid for it, well, it’s the blind leading the blind and with the lonely sound of one hand clapping.

Maybe crapping is the better word to use.