We have had a long hard look at various online betting or gaming sites and have, in particular, been checking out all those in Oz which focus on horse racing. Not to embarrass those who have invested in some of these sites and one particular bloke who gets nearly every gig at setting these up, many are downright shit. How one designer can work on so many competing sites and give each their own USP baffles us. Then again, do any actually need to HAVE a USP? Is there a NEED for a USP? Betcha By Golly Wow, mate.

The old school punters are getting older and those that “chase” and end up broke and withered are a dying breed. The tech-savvy punter who is also new to the game- but learning very quickly- is no dummy and doesn’t suffer fools gladly. They are not going to put up with crappy sites where there are no names of the jockeys and trainers, nothing about the state of the track, no barrier draws and, worst of all, inaccurate “balances” creeping into accounts and bets on races being closed even when horses are still in the paddock. This is Amateur Hour.

Let’s also realize some home truths: These online betting sites in Oz for horse racing cannot continue with $100 punters or even $2000 punters from Down Under. They need to come up for air and smell the roses. And so, many have stretched their net to capture punters in Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, more from Hong Kong, Indonesia and even China. Hey, have laptop will travel. These new punters to Oz racing might start off as mugs and can afford to lose a few rounds. Having said this: Beware The Ides Of March.

We know of many Aussies now “coaching” many newly-put-together Asian syndicates to tackle Aussie racing and which, of course, also brings trainers and jockeys into this new Money Pot. We’re betting that there will be a tsunami of betting coups throughout every betting site on one very big day in the Oz horse racing calendar which will see many of these sites go tits up- or go Down Under in more ways than one.

Then, there is Anonymous waiting in the wings to hack things up just for the fun of it all.

We live in rapidly changing times and though technology has its good sides, tekkies around the world can hack their way through anything and make a mess of the best laid plans. Again, look what’s happened to MySpace. Look what’s happened to the Facebook IPO. Look at what Wikileaks has uncovered. Does one seriously believe there won’t be a horse racing answer to Wikileaks? Imagine the fallout to betting sites?

Imagine, how, if and when this happens, how this would be welcomed by all those illegal bookies who will carry on regardless with their mobile phones and scraps of paper and who have no time for apps for saps.

Does one not think that WE have not been approached by Anonymous and various other Anonymous hackers and slackers-to work with them- just for the fun of it?

On a more up beat mode and to scrape a few people off the floor, we are great admirers of new business models in any industry. In horse racing, check out www.theoddsbroker.com

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