The reader’s last comment is a zinger and making the rounds very quickly.

We’re betting that “Millie” Millard will not be training Ambitious Dragon next season.

We won’t be surprised if the horses is moved to one of these three trainers: Caspar Fownes, John Size or Richard Gibson.


Hi it is Eric from Switzerland.

I have commented before On Beadman, and if you kept a note would have seen that I was correct I did predict it he decision of John Moore to give till the 2nd month of the breakin racing, But he was offered the position . Now you are also raising the issue of Insurance claims by Beadman, Insurance is covered by Rule of Racing 166 through 173′ when jockeys enter in to an agreement with the HKJC there are encouraged to seek additional cover if they believe 2,ooo,ooo is not sufficient, to provide for there needs. Plus an ongoing payments until the work issue is resolved.

Beadman was riding for Shum but it could have been the man in the moon for all it matters.

Using your analogy on the trainer being responsible or having a financial commitment, is just nonsence. Think of the reverse a Horse being controlled by a Jockey injures a trainer, is the Jockey have a responsibility .

And to put an end to the Retained Jockey for Moore, Beadman fit and well in September, will be it other than that Prebble is the prefered substitute.

James Mcdonald may do some riding if in the big events. JM has a second choice, worth the expense of bringing him over, his agent is very agressive abd has a touch of Shylock .

Last little bit of news watch to see who trains Ambitious Dragon in the new racing year.