That’s right: HK$8 MILLION and which, we believe, might go up to $12 MILLION by Wednesday.

Okay, so some of you might be asking, what the hell is a Six Up?

It’s being able to pick six winners in six consecutive races and, on Wednesday night at Happy Valley, this fun task starts Race 3 to Race 8.

Sure, it sounds tough- and it is- but no one said life would be easy.

Seriously though, there are ways of trying to win this.

Of course, you can pick one horse in each of the six races and hope for the best but this might not be the smartest thing to do.

The best way, we believe, is to have multiple choices in each race.

For example- only an example- you were to pick two horses in each of the six races, this would cost you HK$640 for a Six Up bet.

Or, you might wish to take one horse in three races and four horses in the other three. This would also cost you HK$640.

Want some tips? Well, before Race 3 starts, go over to The Gallery and see what the popular iPad app The Race Simulator has to “say.”

Or go to the I B U table at the on-course Club called Adrenaline and learn about the riders and horses and trainers and odds etc involved.

Bottom line: The more choices, the bigger your outlay.

Is it worth trying to win? Is the Pope Catholic?

Of course, it is!

A Happy Wednesday at Happy Valley can easily turn you into The Eight Million Dollar Man or Woman.

Or if you pool your money with a group of friends, The Eight Million Dollar Winners, each giving out a Silent Scream!

What would YOU do with a million bucks? Or EIGHT million big ones?

Give it away to charity- and charity begins over at OUR home, Okay?

Or will you get your folks a new home?

Get yourself a new car?

Put it all back on a horse to place?

Can money buy you “lurve”?

Or can “lurve” be simply every day you want with eight million bucks?