There was that time when Yoko Ono dispatched her then-Assistant May Pang to look after and be with John Lennon which led to his now well-known “Lost Weekend.”

This “Lost Weekend” lasted a few years during which time Lennon and Miss Pang came together and was a time when he exorcised whatever demons were plaguing him, made “Walls And Bridges”, sang on and produced Harry Nilsson’s “Pussycats” and did things which were not quite the norm- like trying to enter the Troubadour with a tampon on his head- and lived life without “Mother”, his nickname for Yoko.

When Yoko told him he could come back, Lennon returned a changed man who became a househusband, baked bread, was father to Sean and then started making music.

As the classic Tin Pan Alley song goes, “Love Is Better The Second Time Around” and so it was for “Brother John.”

For the past few years, I have been thinking of Lennon’s “Lost Weekend” and if this makes you a better man and if everyone man needs a “Mother” who “allows” you to go away and make an arse of yourself while thinking you’re living La Vida Loca and doing whatever it takes to get you through the night.

The point is, if true to one’s self, often there is a feeling of being isolated and uncomfortable though being with so-called friends and rushing into “ill-conceived” relationships just for the sake of it and then losing invaluable time trying to shake these people off and getting back to the one-time normality you shared with that one special someone.

Frankly, from personal experience, you’re only living a lie by going through any and all of the above and only really true with yourself when you put your head on the pillow and then start living your “parallel life” in your dreams. And if the same woman keeps appearing in your dreams, no matter what other woman you might be with, it does make one think about a parallel universe and where, right here and now, nothing is real and nothing to get hung about. So, depending on how much you grow up, the day will come back when “Mother” will take you back- but you need to have grown up by then.

Those days of living a lie and living a role based on “image” or whatever you think to be some perceived image needs to be checked at the door along with ego and this same door must close on everything which happened in the past and embrace The Now. It’s almost, or maybe it really is, a religious experience and you have been “cleansed” and “baptized” again by all the experience you have gained.

Yes, you get to the bottom to get back to the top again and once there, nothing’s ever gonna change your life.

You’re back with her, she’s back with you and whatever happened in the middle was only a learning experience so that you both end up where you will be for now and forever.

Hans Ebert