Our Six Up picked by the Fast Track entourage of newbies to the racing game would have netted you $4,710 for an outlay of $480!

Not great, but better than a swift kick in the ass.

Here’s what our Entourage wrote and tipped and winners tipped in races 6,8 and 9.

In the other races, one of the horses picked came second and which is good enough to win the Six Up consolation.

And with no one picking all six winners, be prepared for a huge jackpot next week.

Our Entourage also won the 3rd Double Trio which made a neat $9,385 for their outlay of $260!!! .


Though we’ll be pooling our money and tackling the over $30m Triple Trio jackpot- and it’s VERY tough- we’ll also be tackling our usual Entourage Six Up and going for some value.

RACE 5: 3-5

RACE 6: 5-6-7-8-10-11

RACE 7: 10

RACE 8: 2-8

RACE 9: 5

RACE 10: 8-9

TOTAL: $480