Hong Kong needs to be ROCKED and LOUDLY and without any restraints, constraints or complains.

This city needs to be ROCKED as it has become so fucking B-O-R-I-N-G one-time “Singabore” has rolled right over it and ‘cos the word “ROCKED” has been used and abused.

So-called ROCK bands in Hong Kong are, mainly, pussy bands and which ROCK as heavily as Bon Jovi’s hair did circa 1980s.

It’s Wimp-Rock, if that, and which is why we go overboard when we hear someone like Dan The Guitar Man playing in a small club in Wanchai

Now, Dan ROCKS! Every local band signed to every major and passed off as “Rock”? Puhleese.

Dan will rock them off the stage with one riff and turn them into faked out riff raffs.

This is why, we were ROCKED to see that Hong Kong will soon be ROCKED when W Hotel’s Woobar brings out Rock photographer Mick Rock and who is just as much a legend as all the Rock icons he has photographed over the past few decades.

The last we heard of Mick Rock, he was photographing former Eurythmics’ Dave A Stewart’s son.

Check out his work here: http://www.mickrock.com/

Mick Rock, like the brilliant Annie Leibowitz, our old mate Bob Freeman, Gerard Mankowitz and others were THERE, baby, when it was all happening- Hendrix, Iggy, Lou Reed, Deborah Harry. Doors, the Stones, Bowie, the Beatles- all of them.

Will we be there? Do swallows fly to Capistrano?

ROCKED starts off with an appearance by Mick Rock next Friday at the W Hotel’s Woobar- some say, the venue is too bright? True?- along with some International DJs, a band from Beijing- Oh, please le it be, Lonely China Day or Pet Semetry- and, we hope a truly ROCKIN’ party and not another party we look forward to, attend and then start singing Peggy Lee’s “Is That All There Is”?


We’ve been hyped, duped and rock and drolled too many times and, as The Who sang, We Won’t Get Fooled Again.

But just to meet Mick Rock and see his incredible body of work will be worth the trip out- and the Woobar promises much and, we think, will deliver in spades.

WOOH fucking HOO, baby!