A friend sent me the great piece below on David Puttnam with the simple line, “You’ll like it.” I do. Do please read it, and, in whatever industry you are, think about David Puttnam,-what he set out to achieve and why he was shot down in flames.


We are living and drowning today in a sea of mediocrity and the usual Old Boys Club. Rock the boat and cradle- ever-so-gently and you are immediately labeled a pariah. Why? People hate Change, they despise criticism and need to be and feel loved. Oedipus Complexes abound.

In what is left of the music “industry”, there are more complexes than those filling a million psychiatrists’ couches. One day, scientists will do intense research as to why so many connected to this music “industry” fail to understand why it went from a once-thriving business to the point of stagnation it now finds itself.

Well, after reading the piece below, I put it down to a version and an aversion to Puttnam’s Law.


You see, the Old Boys Club and Network still play together and with everyone saying what needs to be said wherever and whenever these people congregate and with Babs Streisand singing in the background how “People who need people are the luckiest people in the world.”

Not really “Babs.” People who need people all the time are suck-ups, fuck-ups and the living embodiment of the Peter Principle.’

The music industry today is fucked up because of this Peter Principle and where incompetence has been promoted many yeas ago and with these same-old, same-olds still doing and saying and thinking the same-old same old ways.

The “mavericks” are those who swear a lot and get into fake arguments to be “outspoken” and help add weight to their “brand” or USP, but become pussies and ninnies when cornered.

Everyone in the music industry today are all “veddy veddy” nice to each other as Misery, whoever she is, loves Company, whoever he is, and with a you-scratch-my-back-and-I’ll-scratch-yours approach to an “industry” in tatters and with more of the same-old, same-old popping out like a bad case of the zits.

Just today, for example, I was “cordially invited” to another music conference, this time the Reeparbaan Music Festival 2012 and which, according to the blurb, is the following and includes Speakers like my old mate and permanent fixture of music conferences- Seymour Stein. Guess ol’ Seymour is expanding his horizons? Yes, he signed Madonna. And then what?Where is Wally and where is Seymour?

“Taking place during 20 – 22 September 2012 in Hamburg, Germany, the Reeperbahn Festival has established itself as one of the leading music industry conferences and festivals in Europe since its inception in 2006. Named after Hamburg’s once-famous “wicked mile”, Reeperbahn Festival has attracted 18,000 visitors and 2,000 delegates from 30 nations around the world. As the selected representative office for Asia, Music Services Asia (MSA) strives to present Reeperbahn Festival as the perfect venue for Asian professionals who wish to expand their business operations overseas, as well as provide an ideal platform for artists and bands within Asia to perform to an international audience.”

Again, this is yet another Puttnam Law affliction which gives me a nervous tic. Same-old, same-olds do this to me as, instead of taking two steps forward, more of the same-old, same-olds, mean taking ten steps back and getting lost in the shuffle.

It reminds me of a recent joke: How many music conferences are there before anyone can show any results? Beats me.

I would just say that Branded and Music Matters are doing a great job in the conference sphere so do we really need anyone to sing, Send In The Clones? Oh, for fuck’s sake, music conferences that are all the same- and with the same-old, same olds attending?

I would much rather spend my time grilling every music publisher and asking everyone of them those hard questions regarding fees, online copyright laws, licensing fees/deals, approval processes etc.

If anything or anyone is standing in the way of “Babs” singing “People”, it is Music Publishing, Collection Agencies and Copyright laws. But does anyone ask the people involved the hard questions? Nah, that would rock the boat. That would rock everyone outta their comfort zones.

That would be questioning the Old Boys Club and showing everyone the afflictions which have slowed the industry down to a trickle. That would be committing Puttnam’s Law and which would be unthinkable as it would actually mean siding with the enemy: Those DIY artists who are now looking closer and deeper into vacuous pieces of paper signed as being binding “contracts” and challenging laws which no longer exist- but have been kept “on the low”- as once the truth is out there in the open, the genie would be let out and lawsuits will be flying all over the place. And we cannot have that, can we?

That would be questioning the Old Boys Club. This is why, the same-old, same-olds exist and carry on as if nothing has changed because, well, it hasn’t.

It hasn’t because the same-old same olds don’t want this to happen as they could easily be replaced by some New Thinkers who realize that action speaks louder than all the pat, fat cat same-old, same old words, baby