As we know my now, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has taken it upon himself to help fight obesity.

How? By proposing to ban 16-ounce and over soda drinks in “his” city which many gulp down, burp and then look at their gas-filled stomachs and wonder when the hell the baby will pop out.


Of course, there has been plenty of screaming and hollering at this initiative by Mayor Bloomberg- especially on, yes, Fox News where everyone screams and hollers about everything.

It’s a minor miracle that Donald Trump hasn’t been brought into the fray or hasn’t found a way to be part of all this and hog the limelight once again.

Sadly, some other idiots have and if anyone can tell us what the hell these women are blabbering about we’ll buy you a huge cup of Coca-Cola.

Frankly, we think Mayor Bloomberg has done the right thing and which has nothing to do with “Freedom of anything.”

We are today an Obese world and one which needs to be cut down to size.

If a ban on these soda drinks is what it takes or is a giant first step, we’re there to toe the line.

What we like is this news flash from Taiwan depicting how this proposed ban came into being and what it means to the people of New York.

Great stuff!