If Canto-Pop drives you mad for being formulaic crap, well, then the music videos produced for many of these are just as flaccid and with every cliché in the book thrown into a mish-mash of what many call “footages.”

There is no rhyme nor reason for any of these “footages” and the videos appear to have been cut up and glued together by the neighbourhood butchers.

So, when we watched this video by local singer G.E.M. we could afford to smile- smile as opposed to burst out laughing.

It’s obvious that those behind the Management of this artist have taken a great amount time to ensure that this is not yet another mish-mash, splish-splash of “footages.”

There is art direction- often totally missing in locally produced music videos- the editing is not some random shots equally randomly strung together by the local butcher.

As for the music, there is a certain retro ‘feel’ to it which reminds me of Blondie and especially, the hit, “Call Me”, but it’s a tough balancing act to be a recording artist in Hong Kong.

There is a need to not alienate local fans and also provide something which some International promoter might hear, watch the video and believe that here is someone whose performances can “travel.”

Of course, G.E.M. has “travelled” and performed outside of Hong Kong.

What now remains to be seen is when G.E.M, her label and mentor, Lupo, decide the time is right to push that musical envelope and totally break free from Hong Kong and conquer greener pastures.

Hong Kong’s musical pastures are well-trodden and very barren.

By the way, G.E.M. performs at the HKJC’s “Music Rocks The Valley” series of events as from next week along with 24 Herbs and Mr.

Yes, yes, we know: 24 Herbs is “ROCK”?

And aren’t Mr about as “Rock” as Bon Jovi in the Eighties?

See what we mean about Hong Kong’s barren- and desperate- “music scene”?