Are we seeing a new and, perhaps, not improved Justin Bieber?

His recent scuffle with the paparazzi has some saying that the singer is showing signs of needing anger management.


Meanwhile, his lawyers are on over-drive to keep him going to jail for six months.


Know what? Reminds us of yet another child star finding it tough to grow up and be level headed.

Sad to say, but watch “The Bieb’s” career start to splutter and current Manager- Scooter Braun- signing up “The New Justin Bieber.”

By the way, remember all that hype about Usher having “discovered” Bieber on “YouTube.” Oh, puhleeze! What a loada old crock!

Anyway, notice that Usher has completely disappeared from Bieber’s career?

Then again, how great is Usher’s career these days?