We had heard of this new Race Simulator and have heard jockey Zac Purton talk about it.

We were actually at The Gallery, the latest new venue at the racecourse at Happy Valley, when this app was unveiled.


Over the weekend we downloaded and played with it.

Guess what? It tipped us Liberator- the 12 to 1 winner of the Champions and Chater Cup- and those which case second and third, respectively- Ambitious Dragon and Dominant.

Of course, it’s “no sure thing” and no substitute for studying form etc, BUT, it’s fun, it engages, especially, newbies to the sport, and being consumers, they’ll work out their own permutations and figure out what they believe will win.

The key word here is “engages” and from what we saw on Sunday at Shatin and over the past few weeks, the Race Simulator, one of the most popular app downloads, is certainly engaging many.

We’re still waiting for the “Angry Birds of horse racing” app.

Hell, we might even create it.