Is this really any surprise? Not to Ron Paul.

Have you ever watched Sean Hannity rant against Obama and still dragging up the 2008 Reverend Jeremiah Wright arguments.

Hannity really looks like the school bully who gets his balls kicked in one day when the kids he’s picked on get fed up of him.

Then, there’s Megyn Kelly who screams all over her guests.

Sure, she’s a good looking woman with a decent pair of legs, but this isn’t enough to be a “news” channel.

And what’s with this pose???

In fact, all those “Foxy” Barbie doll female anchor women flash a hellua lotta leg all over the place.

One can only guess, this is to confuse those viewers who have a hard time accepting a black man in the White House.

Thanks gawd, this so-called “news” channel has the very attractive and ladylike Patti Ann Browne and the very sharp Shep Smith.

Why, Shep, why?

Why are you hanging in there with those Right-wing skewed numbnuts??