It all seems like Part 2 of “The Social Network” and where we might be seeing some out to bring down Mark Zuckerberg.

With great power comes great responsibility and also a number of enemies and, perhaps, just perhaps, the just-married “Zuck” has become too powerful too soon.

Big Business doesn’t like that and Small Businesses and younger consumers who thought of Facebook as “theirs” might be seeing the social networking site as something jus as “corporate” as any other get-rich-quick scheme and where they have been duped.

Having come from the music business when it was a business, we still don’t believe in giving away free content and all of one’s personal data for free- and which is bought by advertisers and companies- and getting nada in return except for a “Facebook page.”

General Motors making it public that they were pulling all its advertising off Facebook the day before the social media giant went public surely didn’t happen without an ulterior motive for the move?

General Motors didn’t stop here either: They went on and on for the next few days how they didn’t believe that advertising on Facebook was “ineffective.”

Think about it: How many ads do you remember on Facebook? Do you remember seeing GM on Facebook? And even if you did, then what?


Advertising on Facebook is like all those tacky Groupon ads which are unwelcomed distractions before getting to watch a video on YouTube.

How long before artists will either want a percentage of ad sales or forbids the topping and tailing of their videos by the likes of KFC, McDonald’s etc- or, music companies will see that here was a chance to add some much-needed extra “coin” to their dwindling coffers.

The same can easily happen on Facebook and with its listing on NASDAQ, believe us, many corporate lawyers are taking more than a passing interest on Copyright Violations on the pages of the social networking site and what can and cannot be simply ripped off and uploaded for free.

As the “mothership” of social networking sites, Facebook will become increasingly under scrutiny due to all the illegitimate sons and daughters it has helped procreate.

But what has really made Facebook not look nearly as “worthy” as one imagined has been the flat prices of its shares.

That much-touted Midas touch of “Zuck” failed to make the share take off into the stratosphere.

It stayed at $38 through much propping up from banks.

The original hype around the IPO has suddenly made the share and Facebook look decidedly dodgy.

What next for “Zuck” and Facebook?

As with every other brand and product and country out of the region, it comes down to what Facebook can do in China and where it is still banned- and even his marriage to a Chinese-American won’t help budge the immoveable beast of burden that is China which wants its own version of Facebook- and what it can get from two of its busiest markets in the world- Indonesia and the Philippines. But for “Zuck”, the perception of Facebook and future growth, it all comes down to China.

Without China, Facebook will putter along before it becomes another MySpace and runs outta steam and interest and becomes way too much of a hassle for “Zuck” to deal with.

He’ll take his money, cash in his chips while all those Facebookers will sit there wondering what the hell to do with their time one spent updating their profiles and uploading whatever they thought would interest others.