We asked you to name five of your favourite racing personalities- and tell us what MAKES them your favourites.

Some entries were, Eh, others bothered on porn, others border on libel.

But we liked these two who, if they live in Hong Kong, each win a dinner worth HK$2,000 at WTF, the hip new restaurant at 9 Lower Elgin Street in Hong Kong. If overseas, they win a brand new i-Phone.

Why did we like these two entries? They made sense and showed some passion to them though we have NO idea who “Tod Plan” is and the Anna-something named. The US racing scene is something we still have to come to grips with just as we need to come to grips with milking some udders.

Who did they name as their favourites- and for what?

Read on…

Albert Chan writes: That would be Donglas Whyte for sure, how can he grasp 11 Jockey Premierships CONSECUTIVELY?! How can one be that good? He must know how to relax when off the track. Everyone talks about how everything is about balance But only a few people know how to balance life. And Douglas is one of these people.

The second one would be trainer Casper Fownes. To be honest, I am not a trainer nor jockey. I don’t know how to “train” a horse. But I like his personality. No one will ever forget how he danced at the track two seasons ago after saddling six winners.

Also, the two Johns- Size and Moore are cool. I can’t see any expression on their faces. We are human beings, we should express ourselves, even sometimes when the truth/results disappointed us. But thse two show no emotion.

Beside jockeys and trainers, the third of my favourites is (paddock parade expert) Jenny Chapman.

Being one of the few females in a man’s world. Jenny seems to be so cool! Actually I want to say “so calm”. You can look into her eyes when she is in the Paddock and you will see how focused she is! And her tips are always good- far better than those so called “tipsters”.

The fourth choice is Neil Paine becasue of a video on Youtube. And the reason is the same as for Caspar- passion! When one is being happy, they should “spread” that happiness to the others. While it seems that we are going towards a dark age because of those dumbass politicians, we NEED this happiness.

Lastly, my favourite would be Vincent Ho.

For especially a young jockey to have a bad fall in a race is terrible and I just hope that he will recover and come back soon. Just imagine more than ten thousand pound beasts running at top speed around him. This would be a nightmare to any jockey. Hey, Vincent! Good luck and take care!


Diesler Wong writes: Tony Cruz will be my first choice for sure as you can see that not many people can be so successful being a Champion jockey AND Champion trainer. He’s probably an alien! We should better call the police!

I also like Matthew Chadwick- new guy, new style, new age of horse racing, leading not just on the turf, but maybe also leading the whole horse racing industry!

John Moore is really cool. Every time when he wins a Cup race and walks down, he is so damn calm and seems that everything was expected. By the way, would someone please remove his hat? I am sure that he’s hiding something that brings him luck! Might be horse poo.

I would also like to put Tod Slan on my list. Need a reason? Here it Is: Are you out of your mind? Need a reason to name Tod?”

Lastly, I will choose Anna Napravnik. The horses take one look at her and take off! THAT’S why they run so fast! Anna thinks it’s because of her hard work.

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