canny leung 1

She is without any doubt, the most attractive horse owner in Hong Kong.

She is also a real beauty with brains.

Don’t believe us?

canny leung 2

Well, the former Canny Leung, 44, and now Mrs. Stephen Lo, who owns all those horses with the word “Military” in their name and also the co-owner of recent BMW Champions Mile winner Xtension was named one of The Top 100 Female Entrepreneurs in 2009. She has also been a writer, scriptwriter, lyricist, journalist and television and radio host.

canny leung 3

She is also the General Manager of her husband’s company BMA- a company with a portfolio that includes publishing, marketing, advertising, restaurant and the popular Red MR Karaoke Box franchise.

canny leung 4

Not to be done with all of that, she managed to have the South China football team be only he fourth team in the world to be granted sponsoring of their uniforms by Giorgio Armani. Whew!

She has also published over 50 books in Hong Kong and Taiwan, mostly about love and has written lyrics for such Canto-Pop artists as Edmond Leung, Sammi Cheng, Andy Hui, Faye Wong, Bondy Chiu, Vivian Chow, William So, Kelly Chen, Dave Wong, Cass Pang, Nicholas Tse, Joey Yung, Edison Chan, Jade Kwan, Niki Chow, and Ron Ng. One of these songs- a duet by Andy Hui and Sammi Cheng- is still one of the most popular songs in karaoke in Hong Kong.

Other songs she has written as Canny Leung include the following: