Despite all the “polls’ pulled out by Fox News, surely it’s a foregone conclusion that we’ll have another four years of Obama.

After all, though we have seen a Black man in the White House, are we ready for a Mormon in the White House?

And can anyone truly trust Mitt Romney?

Can we even trust a President named Mitt?

Then again, as I’ve mentioned before, we bought into a guy named Barack Obama and his promise of Change and mantra of “Yes We Can.”

It all seemed right for the time.

Now, four years later, we’re back to where we were: Obama versus another non-starter.

Yes, he’ll win, but his popularity is nowhere where it was in 2008. It’s shaky at best and Obama reminds me of the Oscar speech by Actress Sally Field.

Like her, he desperately wants to be LIKED- by everyone- and which is why he’s such a chameleon.

It’s why he hustles so much to have Hollywood on his side.

He appears on talk shows. He sings. He dances. He uses social media. He uses Jimmy Fallon.

Four years ago, it was “cool.”

Four years later, it seems contrived.

It’s like him endorsing same-sex marriages.

One day he was against I, then, he was for it.

How? Why? Another gaffe by Joe Biden which forced his hand?

Sure seems like that.


I have huge reservations about this Barack Obama person.

But, as in 2008, who else is there?

Hans Ebert