I was reading about this huge- and very creative- marketing campaign by Tourism Australia and admiring the strategy taken and them it all came to a screeching halt.


Not to quibble, but both Show Luo and Rainie Yang are Taiwanese and the production house and crew used for the filming of this campaign were from Taiwan.

Putting Taiwan- and Taiwanese- in the same basket, is as “bad” and geographically-challenged as saying Sri Lankans are Indians, that Indians are Pakistanis, that Canadians are Americans, Irish are British, Aussies are ew Zealanders etc. Well, you get the drift.

Moving on Tourism Australia- and the New Zealand Tourism Board- should target the Hong Kong- and China and Singapore- horse racing market.

It is huge, it will grow far more and far quicker than it is already and there is an entire campaign waiting to unfold.

And as Fast Track also publish Racingb*tch, the most read racing blog in the world with most of its readers coming from Oz, plus having just launched Racingbook, the “Facebook of the new generation of race-goers”, we pretty much know what we’re talking abut.