1] You get to wear a hat, sharp suit, drink Scotch-On-The-Rocks in the office before lunch and have Dry Martinis for lunch- have you ever seen Don Draper eat?- and never return to the office.

2] He never works. He thinks on his feet and comes up with brilliant ideas.

3] He can pull any woman he wants by simply looking and smiling at them

4] He makes women fall in love with him by making presentation speeches which are often so long, they confuse and baffle the female sex who end up screaming, “Shhhh, Don Draper. Action not words.”

It’s, again, an incredible concept: Boring the shit outta women until they can’t take it, anymore.

5] He once had the most gorgeous woman as his wife and waiting for him at home, but always won over other “lesser” women- and after which, he completely lost interest in them.

Angry sex does not have any lasting power. It doesn’t go on and on and on and on like an Every Ready Battery.

6] He makes grown men cower and look like pussies.

7] He is only the only handsome man in the entire ad agency- and on the series.

8] His only goofiness was when he appeared as “Miss Lemon’s” klutzy boyfriend in “30 Rock.”

9] Bollywood actors can act in an all-dancing, singing, womanizing version of “Mad Men”.

After all, many Indian actors already think they’re Don Draper, anyway.

10] The opportunity to show that even the most macho man has a feminine side.

Imagine Don Draper cooking for one of his conquests as one of his ways of pulling them.