Frankly, like the Kardashians, like Paris Hilton, we have no idea what Ashton Kutcher actually does other than being famous for being famous.

He makes lousy movies- and this we know about.

He’s made a career out of tweeting and made headlines for dumping Demi Moore for some nymphets more his own age.

He’s now supposed to be dating Mila Kunis- a very unfortunate name for a woman- or is it Rihanna?

Or, with his new “brown” ‘look’ is he dating a papadum?

The video with him in “brown paint” has been yanked from YouTube- and all ‘cos of one twit named Anil Dash who is trying to be too darn clever for his good.

What the fuck is this guy’s problem? Too much time on his hands? Wanting 15 minutes of fame?

Never ever watched the great Peter Sellers in “The Party”?


As for those who have met Ashton Kutcher, however, they tell us that he is extremely smart and a very good businessman.

Perhaps they were Punk’d but who knows?

As a minority shareholder for Popchips, Kootchie Kootchie Kutcher appears in some new advertising for the brand.

But daubing brown all over his face to “portray” an East Indian has not gone too well with some- actually one guy- from the sub-continent.

Anil Dash, some of us come from that part of the world and we see nothing politically incorrect with this.

Give it up, eat a Chicken Bryani and grow some mangoes.