Okay, not so fast and not so simple.

Firstly, to join this competition you need to be part of Racingbook.

To join, click here.

Secondly, we don’t want just a laundry list of names.

Any knob can do that.

Nah, we’d like a short note/sentence/tome as to why you have chosen your Fabulous Five.

The person who sends in their Top Five before May 16 to info@racingbook.hk and with what we think are the best reasons for their choices, will be named the winner.

For example, on our list would be trainer Gai Waterhouse

Why? She’s a woman in a man’s world and with bigger balls that many of the male trainers.

Gai is Gai and we all know that she is bagged- behind her back- by 99% of the other trainers who are green with jealousy and think she’s barking mad.

Barking mad or not, she’s a character, she’s flamboyant, she doesn’t give a toss and gets on with her job of training winners.

So she “supports” the “fundraiser” for John “Knucklehead” O’Shea? So what? It’s only her time at stake and she’s “playing the game” like we all do.

Another of our favourite characters in racing? Jockey Frankie Dettori? Why?

He leaps off horses, he bounds over tall buildings and is probably Spider Man.

Hell, what if he is, indeed???

Someone else on our list?

Neil “Knackers” Paine purely for his performance in this video.

It might have been what recently killed one of the writers of “We Come From The Land Down Under.”

Two others? Jennifer Hawkins and Megan Gale.

Why? Well, just look at them!

Who needs a personality?

We just wish we were that whip.

Apart from the chance to win a brand new i-Phone, if in Hong Kong,

You could win a dinner worth HK$2000 at any of these restaurants: Guru, Sahara and WTF, all located in Lower Elgin Street, Soho.In fact, when with Racingbook, one never knows quite what may win- tickets to concerts, a chance to meet Victoria Beckham, and much more.