Before he gave up singing to play peek-a-boo in public loos with strangers including coppers and kept being found, many times, stoned and slumped at the wheel of his car, George Michael created some truly brilliant music.

Think of great tracks like these and one has to admit that George Michael has become a very underrated talent- and his own worst enemy.

After going in and outta rehab, having had friends try to get him back on his feet, many gave up on Gorgeous George; he seemed doomed to be another tragic figure in show business.

He’s now back after an almost four year absence with what he describes as his “best Dance record ever.”

Time will tell what the music will sound like, but George Michael was always known for his incredible melodic songs.

Hopefully, this “Dance” record will not be a selection of “beats” and “electronica” and guided by what one, hopefully feels, will still be his incredible voice.