The Hong Kong Jockey Club and popular Actor-Singer- Songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Aarif Rahman have got together to create both a song and accompanying music video with an inspirational theme of giving one’s best in whatever they choose to do and how to never settle for being second best.

Aarif wrote and sings the song which is called “We Are On The Starting Line” and combines all the power and glory of Hong Kong’s equine heroes and the never-give-up skills of the jockeys involved in getting them first past the post and the resilient spirit of the people of Hong Kong.

The accompanying video was co-directed and produced by Scottie Hui, son of the legendary Cantonese singer Sam Hui, and former music executive Hans Ebert, Chairman and CEO of We-Enhance Inc.

To bring inter-action between the music video and viewers, the HKJC is offering 5 prizes of an exclusive racing ornament worth HK$1500 to each of the five lucky winners.

All you have to do is go to Fast Track (, watch the video and answer the questions below.

The competition starts on April 27th, 20102.

Send your answers, names, and also contact no. to BEFORE May 6, 2012.

Winners who answer all questions correctly will be declared winners via a Lucky Draw.

* Candidates must be aged over 18.


1] What is the name of this new song by Aarif?

A] Somewhere Over The Rainbow

B] We Are On The Starting Line

C] Live For Tomorrow.

2] Who composed this song?

A] Sam Hui

B] Aarif Rahman

C] Khalil Fong

3] Name three of the horses featured in the video.

A] Ambitious Dragon

B]California Memory

C] Thumbs Up

D]Lucky Nine

E] XTension

F]Able One

G] Fay Fay

4] Name two jockeys featured in the video.

A]Zac Purton

B] Douglas Whyte

C]Gerard Mosse

D]Jeff Lloyd

E]Matthew Chadwick



Winnie Hung

Goh Liuh Mei

Jacqueline Chen

Phillis Kwok