We read the piece above and just don’t get it: We are all for “Girl Power” or Female Power but, sometimes, all there’s another hidden sting in the tail of all these protests by various groups.

And then taking it onto Facebook and making an even greater song-and do and, often, Much Ado About Nothing shows people with way too much time on their hands.

Some of us at Fast Track are parents, we have little girls- and little boys- and we have other priorities for them than trying to lecture Lego.

Kids are consumer, too, and they know what they want and if something doesn’t work for them, they throw their toys outta their cot or their playground.

From what we see, Lego has tried to reach parents with little girls and has “done a Barbie” albeit way too late.

As for creating stereotypes for little girls, what the hell do these two protesters want?

Do four-year-old-girls even know what “stereotypes” are? And many girls DO like things in pink.

One of the “Founding Mothers” daughter- Riley- and, one of us has a Riley, too- any brand can only “lead” and give kids whatever play tools they have. In turn, KIDS don’t care if it’s pink or blue or yellow. They use their OWN fine motor skills to create what’s in their minds and part of their imagination.

Parents trying to mould these imaginations are, we think, more dangerous than a harmless Lego toy.

Us? We think the two ladies behind this anti-Lego campaign are talking utter crap and should target far more harmful products for kids, in general, instead of this silly little publicity-seeking exercise.

It’s their 15 minutes of fame and whoever are “following” and showing “Likes” are just as useless- and being dumb and dumber lemmings.

In other words, get a life, ladies and don’t, already, try to run the lives of “Riley.”


We think that where Lego has gone horribly wrong and been insanely dated is in the way they have totally not looked into bringing MUSIC to their products- and how MUSIC can be part of whatever kids wish to create.

If any Lego executive wants to meet with us, we’re here.