Tell me straight: Would you purchase an entire album by ANY of these “Idolers”?

Come to think of it, are Katherine McPhee, below, the totally obnoxious Taylor Hicks, even Fantasia, or Jordan Sparks and so many forgettable others from this show truly RECORDING artists?

More and more, it seems like “Idol” and all these sons and daughters of “Idol” have created a list of B Grade amateur singers who have become false “idols” through the power of television, incredible hype and which has done ticky boo for the music industry or those “real musicians” who, like real “real” models and “real” bachelors and bachelorettes, will not be caught dead being seen on what are all, television talent competitions and where they are exposed- warts and all.

On the subject of “American Idol, if Jessica Sanchez or Joshua what’s-his-name or that Philip bloke made a record, what would it sound like?

And who would be buy this-and based on what?

Some unknown seen on television being a copycat covers singer or being the best of a bad crop of amateurs and dressed up like Christmas trees by Tommy Hilfiger?

Some of those outfits picked for these bambinos to wear on the show have made guys look like pimps or unmasked super heroes and the girls look like homecoming queens in some horrible beauty pageant.

As for the music by these “Idolers”, what did those shocking records by those Top Two contestants from Season Nine do for their careers?

Hell, Lee Dewyze was dropped like a bomb by Sony when his debut record just nose-dived into oblivion.

Like most of these “Idolers”, they seem to have only three markets who want them: Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines and some shopping malls.

Apart from all that non-stop drivel about him joining those old farts in Queen, what has Adam Lambert REALLY done?

Bugger all and with whatever single he recently released flopped harder than a whale flip-flopping into a swimming pool. Same with the new album. He has become an irrelevant pseudo celebrity who is becoming tiresome by constantly playing the gay card. We get it, Adam, we get it. What else do you have going for your career? Crikey, you’ve been at it long enough- and long before “Idol”. And now you’re coming across like a one trick pony. Or donkey. Even Perez Hilton can’t rescue you from being a wannabe Glam fossil. That shit ended three years ago.

I watched Jessica Sanchez on Wednesday and was not only disappointed by her performance, I was Pinoy disturbed:

She had decided to stop being Whitney or Mariah. She had decided to scream and growl and try to bring affected “soul” to “American Idol.”

Jessica, forgive her Lord, got a little “wavy” and tried to resurrect the soul of Otis Redding. She failed.

Haven’t we have had enough of this pseudo crap from listening to Taylor Hicks, Fantasia and many more and will there ever be ONE season where someone doesn’t scream through “A Change Is Gonna Come.”?

Sam Cooke didn’t have to scream out the message. He gave it tenderness, He gave it sweet soul.

Last night so many of them fucking SCREAMED- Elise- useless- Jessica, Joshua and then there was that hideously amateurish version of “In The Midnight Hour” by Peter, Paul and Mary or was it Philip Philips?

Are the judges and Jimmy Iovine tone deaf, or is this just an acting gig for them? Or have they gone senile?

This was shitty music by some amateurs.

Go to any club anywhere in the world and look up and lend an ear to some covers band and you’ll hear far more originality.

And so it came to pass that the bloke Colton was booted off.

Personally, I thought it would be either Hollie or Elise who would be sent packing as both of whom are plain ordinary.

Colton left with pixie dust around him as the God person had bigger plans for him.

Look, I’m a Christian but I leave that “tag” at home and “my God” is a universal god.

This guy made such a song and dance about being a Christian that I am now more sure than ever that we are watching “Christian Idol.”

The votes are coming from those who also embrace this God person and this show has nothing to do with music.

It has to do with numbers and ratings and host Ryan Seacrest pumping the audience to vote.

As for the judges, meh. They’ve lost it.