Facebook acquiring Instagram has suddenly made Mark Zuckerberg’s “indie” site suddenly become obviously “mainstream.”

Sure, it’s always been “mainstream” but there was something still edgy about it. Or so we were meant to think.

The whole idea that if you weren’t on Facebook, you were nowhere made many join and then wonder why.

Today, Facebook is not unlike any other big business or phony politician and being part of its social networking community is starting to unravel.

The more one digs, the more we find out just how “uncool” Zuckerberg is and how, if he is so “uncool”, how on earth can his product be any cooler?

Facebook has become like those days when musicians were boycotted for “Selling Out.”

When Hong Kong’s richest man- billionaire Li Ka-shing- own 40% of Facebook- and also a substantial amount of “cool” Spotify- well, we rest our case. 

Do we blame Zuckerberg for making billions? Of course not. Who wants to run a business that fails?

It’s just all a bout the company one keeps and if the tail is wagging the dog.