Creating a new website might sounds easy. Then you find out that god- and the devil- are in the details.

You find out the hard way about the need for easy navigation.

You find out about the need to be simple for Subscribers to Sign In.

Life is already a hassle: Does a login have to be baffling- and go on and on and on- until you give up and never return?


So, together with the team at Racingb*tch, we went back to the drawing board and have now arrived where we are with Racingbook.

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Is it now perfect?

Of course not. There will be glitches just like there will be those with bitches.

But we don’t have a glass chin.

“Out for the count” is not in our dictionary.

We need YOU to tell US what is working and what doesn’t. .

Racingbook is something new and takes the world of horse racing where it’s never gone before.

We need you to come along for the ride.

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It’s your content that’s going to make Racingbook work- and be whatever you want it to be.

We’re only part of the backing band for the various solo singers.

Oh- and before you ask, we’ve heard this one many times: “If it’s going to be like Facebook, why not call it Racebook”?

Sure, we thought about that- and then forgot about it all. Why? We didn’t want “Racebook” becoming some weird online forum for racists.

It’s a weird world out there.

And so Racingbook is what it is.

NOT Racebook.


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After what some might call a “soft launch” which sounds like bad porn, we have already have a hardcore group of Subscribers.

Their navigational skills must have been working overtime as we have no idea how they joined.

Plus, their comments, their videos uploaded, their photos uploaded etc are exactly what we want to see on Racingbook: A new side to horse racing.

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We also want the new and next generation of race-goer- and no one really knows who this is- and where they will take the industry.

Again, this could be you.

This could be the new generation of jockeys, trainers and horse owners.

And all those associated with the above.

They DO have lives away from racing, right?


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It could also be- and we cross everything that they join- Gai and Kate Waterhouse.

The First Lady Of Australian Racing holds a very special spot in our hearts as she brings real and timeless glamour to the sport.

So does her Daughter.

Other names to trot out Megan Gale, Jnnifer Hawkins and the Myers brand which can always be found promoting and sponsoring horse racing in Oz.

Jockeys like the UK’s Hayley Turner, from Oz, Jacqui Berriman, Stacey Rawiller, Katy O’Hara, Jake Noonan, Hong Kong-based Matthew Chadwick, Tye Angland, Tim Clark, again from Oz, Josh Parr, Blake Shinn and others- plus their families.

We’d rather know what jockeys like Nash Rawiller or Douglas Whyte or the great Frankie Dettori do AFTER the races and what cuisine, wines and cigars they like more than more horse talk.

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Racingbook is not a tipping service.

The only things we tip are tips on fashion, music, movie, technology etc.

The “speed maps”, handicapping certainties, odds, corporate bookers, online betting which we see dying from the weigh of technology etc, is not for us.

However, seen some wearing something incredible- or completely dag- well, you know what to do.

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Racingbook will be at every Fashions Of The Field event. And every Happy Wednesday evening in Hong Kong.

And if you’re there, show everyone who and what YOU have seen and what YOU thought of it all.

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Be Racingbook bloggers, be Racingbook i-Phonographers.

Be the eyes and ears to this new world of horse racing and which carries on after that last race has been won.


Racingbook will be at Adrenaline, the Hong Kong Jockey Club’s new/old club at Happy Valley and finally see what this “I b u and you b me” is all about.

Friends will also be there, so might you and let us know your thoughts on Racingbook.

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We can go on and on, but you get the picture.

The horse racing industry needs change to survive- along with a new blood transfusion.

The old are getting older and with horse racing viewed completely differently by those who are new to the game.

Racingbook wants to be part of this Change- and bring about Change by being all about The New.

Racingbook wants to make the only sport which still remains “unsexy” and “uncool”, sexy, cool and very fashionable.


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We’ll leave you with this track – “Run” by Sugarland and Matt Nathanson.

Yes, even the music played at many tracks must change.

Enough of Queen’s “We Are The Champions” and U2′s “Beautiful Day.”

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