We don’t really quite understand this: It’s taken twelve seasons of “American Idol” and now Kohl’s in ringing out a range of “American Idol” fashion wear- but called only “Idol”? Or is it, “AI”?

With so many other “American Idol” branded merchandising all over the place, it just seems weird to have “Idol” coming out through Kohl’s and, at a time, when the television talent show’s future is tenuous at best.

Plus, what we cannot understand is why, in the story above, every quote about this clothing deal is attributed to someone from the show’s production house- Fremantle- that white elephant of a company also now residing in Singapore and doing bugger all?

As for this season’s “Idol”, last night saw the teenage contestants singing the songs of Billy Joel who “retired” from the biz about a decade ago.

Was it good? Well, this time, Diddy was there with Jimmy Iovine as Guest Mentor and Diddy is a media whore so he’ll do anything to get his face out there.

Isn’t it about time he got some music out there? Ah, but he’s busy flogging his clothing line.

Tommy Hilfiger and the show’s stylist were on the same show to, well, style the contestants and which was, more, Meh.

Look! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew!

Again, young people sang old songs which made them look and sound like Oompah Loompahs from Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory and it was a giant bore.

Steve Tyler seemed pissed off with the Korean bloke’s performance of “My Life” and refused to even applaud.


We still don’t know what the Kim Chee Kid is doing on the show.

He is bloody awful. Bring back Paul Kim. Hell, Paul can SING. Too bad, he’s not exactly making it.

My favourite- Jessica Sanchez- was easily the best- and by far- but does one really think “America” will vote for a Filipina “American Idol?”

Come on, of course, they won’t.

Viewers of the show are from the Christian Far Right and whoever agrees with this group of viewers will win.

And if the constant mention of the God person is anything to go by, this Season’s “rocker dude” is the next “American Idol.”.