Racingbook is the racing world’s social networking answer to Facebook. It’s the online place to meet, share fashion tips, tips on where to go Clubbing, tips of new fashions, tips on new music, new everything, but strictly no tips and none of that hardcore horsey stuff one can read and get bored shitless staring at on all those online racing sites.

Tell us about your hobbies, your likes and dislikes, who was wearing what at the track. Send us pics, write your own blog, tell us about your day at the races- and what happened after the races. Show and tell us whatever you want. Just keep it clean. Do your part to bring horse racing into the 21st Century and prove that it’s not a sport for old farts.


Put very simply ‘cos we’re simple- but not “stooped” people- Racingbook is all about the social networking side of racing- and for a younger group of racing fans- and the wives, boyfriends and girlfriends of jockey, trainers and anyone associated with racing. Yes, we’d like to have couples like Blake Shinn and Kathy O’Hara on Racingbook. And Little Timmy Clark, Jade and their brood and everyone else who are part of the new generation of race goers.

To join the online world of Racingbook, just click here: Racingbook. Join, share, pass the word, and even do a little bit of showing off. Why not? Everyone else does.