Men hiding behind the skirts of women show a distinct lack of balls. Many are Mummy’s boys who probably were teachers’ pets and got bullied in school.

I share this pathetic personal view on men and men with a lack of gonads after following the exploits of Henry Tang, one of the candidates for the role of the next Chief Executive of Hong Kong.

I call him “Horse face” Henry for the simple reason that he is a horse owner and resembles one of his horses.

Having a “good face” is very important in Hong Kong and where many can dislike you if you have a “shit looking face” despite being the nicest person in the world. Never have I heard so many of my Chinese friends tell me, “I don’t like his face. He looks tricky,” tricky being another word for “shifty.”

I remember Henry Tang as being “the mastermind” for the fiasco which was HarbourFest. This was when Hong Kong was on the road to recovery after the SARS epidemic, it needed to woo tourists back and someone came up with the somewhat daft idea of a concert featuring a weird cast of acts- everyone from the Stones to Santana to Atomic Kitten and Neil Young. On top of this, these acts were paid five times more than what they usually charge and I have fond memories of sitting with Keith Richards of the Stones, swigging down some vodka and him telling me how “unbelievably overpaid” they were for this one gig. On the Government side, the person who approved all the financial wheeling and dealing and turned a blind eye and deaf ear to the motley crew of outside players brought in to the scam was “Horse Face” Henry.

To cut a long and now well-documented story short, a chap named Michael Rowse, who, at that time ran a government organization called InvestHK was in the driver’s seat of this event. Being new to the politics and profits and losses of showbiz, he was, as they say, caught up in the moment of his 15 minutes of fame and ended up holding the bag for the fiasco which “HarbourFarce” became and the Fall Guy for the millions of taxpayers’ money that was siphoned off here and there to quickly setup new companies with various high profile wives as “Directors”. Much of this happened during the watch of “Horse Face” Henry Tang, but he slithered away from the mess he had approved. He played The Blame Game Card and dumped it on Rowse.

Last week, when under huge criticism for taking two steps forward and ten steps back and trying to wriggle out of a controversy to do with an illegal structure- it was entire illegal basement almost like a bunker- found in one of his homes which some say house a theatre and wine cellar, “Horse Face” Henry played The Blame Game Card again.

This time, he blamed his wife for these illegal structures as this was “her house”. To be frank, she and he make a great pair. She has him by the balls, but he doesn’t have any and, together, they have been and still are trying to con Hong Kong and get back to living La Vida Loca. Alas, the local media has never warmed to “Horse Face” Henry and so this house in question came under siege and so last week took place “The Attack Of The Paparazzi” where even cranes were brought in for a better view of the scene of the crime.

At another press conference last week, he hauled his wife’s ass in front of the media, she cried while he basically said, “Yes, SHE did it! It as all HER fault because it’s HER house. I am squeaky clean and now you know why I strayed. It’s always about HER!”  It was not a show of great courage or leadership or showing that he as built like a horse. It was, again, cheap theatrics one can see on any of those unreal reality shows and which no one bought into. “Horse Face” Henry has that type of face which, as mentioned, no one can trust and this was just too much to stomach and too good a story to be swept under the rug. Pandora’s Box had been opened and the Genie had popped out- along with Henry’s wife.

I use the word “again” when referring to this press conference as a few months earlier, “Horse Face” Henry had another press conference with his wife in tow to let the media know what they had found out, anyway: He had “strayed” but all was fine as that God person had forgiven him. If he could, he would have gone on “Oprah” and begged forgiveness and cried all over her fat ass. But while looking wooden and certainly not looking at all repentant, his wife turned on the tears- for a while-but both tried to give a performance of perfect marital bliss and how the past is the past. He smiled, and she smiled. She was probably laughing inside ‘cos she knows he has him by those balls that he doesn’t have- but she does have the keys to his kingdom and half of his net and nuts worth. Marriages of convenience are truly rampant amongst Hong Kong’s “elite force” and they “work” as long as what happens in a Kowloon Tong love motel or Taipei or Beijing stays in any of those places.

And so, here we have this bloke who, despite all of this- and not having a “good face”- still insisting on running for the role of Hong Kong’s next Chief Executive. Imagine how he might run Hong Kong if elected. For every mistake he makes will he drag his wife out- or one of his staff and blame them? A journalist friend of mine wrote a stinging article about “Horse Face” Henry and called him a “Rich kid tycoon.” Hong Kong has been way too forgiving to “rich kid tycoons” purely as “face” to their rich tycoon fathers. Many have been able to get away with cons and scams while building illegal structures, owning race horses and being beyond the law. Or, at least, controlling those in the law.

Today’s Hong Kong is a very different place. The people are pissed off. There is a Them and Us mentality. There exists a huge chasm between the Haves and the Have-Nots.

There exists a chasm between Hong Kong Belongers and Mainlanders which we have seen spill over into “Occupy Dolce&Gabanna”.

It has now spilt over to “The Occupy The Henry Tang Dynasty” and “Horse Face” Henry is a joke in Hong Kong and a liability to Beijing.

He has become “The Herman Cane” of Hong Kong politics and if he doesn’t resign from this “race” to become the city’s next Chief Executive, he will be drummed out.

As I have said, there is something new in the air, people are talking out about the rights, the wrongs, the Wongs, the Lee’s and the Tangs.

It’s a very different city- and one which, unlike “Horse Face” Henry Tang, is finally showing some massive balls.

Hans Ebert