Sure, those “Sex In The City” movies had little or no plots- four women- and terribly hammy over-acting by all-  who talked and talked and talked about sex and Mr. Big and sex and more sex-  but we were riveted by all the product placement strategically placed in nearly every scene.

Of course, the “Back To The Future” Trilogy was the Grand Daddy of product placement in movies and who can better than scene when Marty McFly looks at the label of his underpants and names himself “Calvin Klein”? But that was creative product placement.

Today, it’s just all become crass and takes away from suspending reality for a few hours and being transported to someplace else. Instead, it reminds you- over and over again- that there are cameras around everywhere and following the actors- and that these characters you’re trying to follow ARE actors. It sure takes away the joys of going to the movies when all this rampant product placement reminds us with a sledge hammer that it’s all shtick and fake. And now, product placement is rabid- television shows, public appearances and in every music video. Or is that where it all started? Who cares?